Texas Passions, Book 3: Eagle's Refuge

Author: Regina Carlysle

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: June 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Ebook

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Callista ‘Callie’ Hill was tired of running from her past. Her nutty ex-husband, refused to accept their divorce, and maintained that she was his wife, whether she wanted to be or not. So Callie decided to escape to a tiny Texas town with hopes of starting a better life. The last thing Callie expected to find, was an instant attraction to the local bar owner, Mac Moreno.

From the moment he saw her, Mac Moreno knew there was something special about Callie Hill, and he was determined to have her in his life. But when Callie's crazed ex-husband found her once again, Mac was afraid that Callie would disappear without a trace. With the help of his newly found family, will Mac be able to convince Callie to stay, stand and fight for what they had?


EAGLE’S REFUGE was a wonderful tale filled with passionate romance and thrilling suspense. Callie and Mac instantly clicked and it was fun to see them walk down the road to love. Throw in a nuisance from the past and you have a fabulous, entertaining read that will leave you breathless.


While, EAGLE’S REFUGE is Book 3 in the Texas Passions series, it can be read as a standalone; but, I must warn you that once you dive into this wonderful series, you will definitely wanted to go back and read the first two Texas Passions stories: EAGLE’S RUN by Desiree Holt and EAGLE’S REDEMPTION by Cindy Spencer Pape.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Contessa

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