Earth Girls Aren't Easy

Author: Charlene Teglia

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: August 29, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Danek’s optimistic about his trip to Earth.   The main purpose for him making the trip is to deliver a package for Micki, his lord commander’s lady.   The other is a little more self-serving - he’s determined to find his bondmate and since lord Keelan found his bondmate amongst the humans, he’s hopeful that he’ll also find a woman who possesses the ability to form the psychic bond that would mark her as his.

He has no clue that the lady he’s supposed to deliver Micki’s manuscript to possesses all the traits he could ever hope for in a bondmate.   Angela Robbins thinks that she’s completely losing it when she begins hearing the voice of the customer she’s waiting on in her head - never mind the earthshattering orgasm that strikes her out of nowhere.  


Danek soothes Angela mentally without her being aware of what’s happening.   She only knows that she feels safe and comfortable with him.   He convinces her to join him for caramel macchiatos and once they’re seated and talking he tells her that Micki sent him to deliver a package to her.   Since Angela’s been looking for Micki ever since she disappeared she’s stunned to learn that her friend is unharmed and finished her manuscript.   There’s a note from Micki to reassure Angela that she’s fine but she’s hurt to learn that her friend got married and won’t be returning.  


As Danek and Angela chat he’s telepathically sending her erotic messages that soon have her hot and bothered.   What she doesn’t realize is that he can hear every naughty and sex-starved idea that runs through her imagination and would be more than happy to oblige her.   Learning that he’s an alien puts a bit of a damper on things for Angela.   Danek’s going to have to work extra hard to seduce her to his way of thinking.


EARTH GIRLS AREN’T EASY is a fun, sexy romp that will leave you hot and bothered so be sure to have a significant other nearby. Having enjoyed many of Charlene Teglia’s stories in the past I knew I’d be in for a great story when I chose to read this one but I hadn’t anticipated the out of this world reaction I had to Danek’s mind seduction.   There’s something undeniably hot about how he goes about convincing Angela that she is the woman for him.   Angela I liked right from the start - she’s witty, fun and unflappable and isn’t afraid to give as good as she gets.   Wonderfully done Ms. Teglia!   I’ll definitely be watching for more of your upcoming books!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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