East of Easy
By Belle Rouge
Jun 1, 2006 - 4:15:00 PM

As a teenager, Kate Feathers future looked bright. She represented her hometown of Easy in the Miss Arizona State Pageant and had a college scholarship. A scholarship that would let her make something of herself, then it all blew up in her face. Kate left her hometown in shame, running as far from Easy as she could get. She never looked back – until now.

Kate is back in Easy to deal with her late mother’s estate. Ten years have come and gone, yet Kate remembers the shame like it was yesterday. The malicious rumors and gossip ruined her life, but it was Max Connors, her high school sweetheart’s betrayal that broke her heart. Kate comes face to face with the man she has never forgotten or forgiven and quickly realizes that she isn’t as immune to Max as she would like to be. A series of messages from her dearly departed mother leaves Kate no choice but to deal with the demons from her past. Kate has no doubt that someone is out to cause trouble, but is it Max?


EAST OF EASY is a terrific contemporary romance that is sure to captivate you. Linda Bleser has created a story with an interesting plot, sympathetic characters, exciting twists, and explosive chemistry. Ms Bleser infuses her story with rich details and vibrant characters. She has crafted an emotionally wounded heroine who has a core of inner strength that will make readers stand up and cheer. Kate gives new meaning to the word courage when she returns to the small town that nearly destroyed her. Max is too yummy for words. This high school flame has grown into a man that will make readers sigh in longing. A teenage boy’s love/lust has turned into a man’s heart-felt passion. Like I said, too yummy for words.


An emotionally vulnerable heroine, a man who knows what he wants, a high school crush that turns into an abiding love...does romance get any better then this? EAST OF EASY will please romance fans of all ages. What a wonderful way to spend some free time. Linda Bleser does a great job with this tale of love lost and found again.

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