By Chrissy Dionne
May 1, 2006 - 4:40:00 AM

Dan Corazon works in the construction business. He works among manly men. Dan is masculine, of course, but he has a big secret - he's gay. He's never even told his best friends, Carlos and Shawna. Which is proving to be a problem since Shawna keeps trying to set him up with women.


Stevie Sanger is a young man who's found himself in an impossible situation. Homeless, penniless, and alone, Stevie has survived the best way he could - by selling himself. He quickly becomes known as 'Sunshine' because he's always smiling - a big well rehearsed smile to hide his desperate unhappiness.

A sadistic john pays an enormous amount of money for the use of Stevie. Being the greedy pimp that he is, Roy accepts the cash and leaves. By pure luck, Dan finds Stevie naked, bruised, and bleeding in an abandoned house the following morning. It isn't until Dan takes Stevie to the emergency room and is talking to the police that he learns that Stevie is a prostitute. Stevie assumes that Dan will walk out of his life once he learns what he's had to do to survive. Instead Dan surprises him and takes him home to his apartment, refusing to allow Stevie to return to his rundown apartment. Dan struggles with his newfound feelings for Stevie but fears acting on them because he's still in the closet and knows anything with Stevie would be too important to try to keep hidden. Stevie is openly gay and he revels in the freedom of not having to hide who he is from the world. At the same time he feels a rejection from Dan, but he thinks that Dan's rejecting him because of his past. It never occurs to him that Dan's fighting his own fears. Nothing worth having in life is ever EASY and some things are worth the fight to keep.

Ally Blue's EASY is a fun-filled, heartfelt story that will leave readers smiling long after you've finished reading. The characters are vividly portrayed so that you can practically visualize Dan and Stevie and can easily imagine being friends with them. Carlos and Shawna are exactly the type of friends everybody should have. They offer their friendship and support to both men. Even the villainous characters are memorable - you'll love to hate them! I highly recommend this story for anybody interested in very sexy gay male love stories. Ally Blue does an awesome job bringing the feelings between the characters to life.

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