By Sarah W
Dec 14, 2012 - 3:26:39 PM

When Jacqueline’s boyfriend dumps her after three years, she is left feeling isolated and alone. She attends a frat party with her best friend, Erin, but the evening does not end well when Jacqueline is almost raped as she leaves the party. She is rescued by Lucas, a boy she has only seen around campus a time or two before. He is ready to tear apart her attacker but Jacqueline just wants the night to end.

Jacqueline is incredibly grateful to Lucas. Suddenly, she starts seeing him all over campus, including her classes. He is sexy and smart but also frustratingly mysterious. How can she get to know him if he never gives her the opportunity? Of course, Jacqueline has more going on in her life, also, including an appearance from her ex-boyfriend who suddenly wants to get back together. And there is the danger of her would-be rapist lurking around campus. Jacqueline is living in a fragile shell and needs Lucas’s help. Will these two be able to work out the issues surrounding their potential relationship?

EASY is a romantic and spellbinding love story. When you discover why the book is called EASY, you will get a little shiver, it is that romantic. Lucas is pretty much the stuff of dreams: he adores Jacqueline, he is smart, protective and he is a genuinely nice guy. He does hide things about his life however, and that is frustrating for Jacqueline who is learning to trust again after her first big relationship ended. Of course, this story would not be half so interesting without Jacqueline who is a character readers can admire. She starts off scared but gains much courage and strength throughout the course of the story. I really loved her friendship with Erin. These two defy the stereotypes of mean girls and fake female friendships. Erin and Jacqueline are tight and trust each other to be there when needed. It was a very female friendly relationship.

Tammara Webber has truly made an impression with EASY. Lucas and Jacqueline will not be easily forgotten.

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