Ebony Eyes

Author: Kei Swanson

Publisher: Genesis-Press Inc.

Release Date: Nov. 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Laine Tanizaki is an undercover narcotics agent, presently working up a case in the mall.  Corie Rickman owns the book store across from the burger joint that Laine is using as his base of operation.  One evening a young thug is threatening Corie and Laine comes rushing to the rescue.  While watching Corie take a swallow through a straw, Laine feels heat pulsing into his groin.  Corie's senses sizzle every time Laine is near.  Recently recovering from spousal abuse, Corie is not sure if she should trust her own instincts anymore.  There is a definite attraction growing between these two people, who each harbor their own secrets.  Rumors are flying that there are drug runners hidden among the mall employees.  Corie has made a room in the back of her store into a home.  She has even brought her cat there.  One night when Thoreau, her cat, accepts attention from Laine, Corie wonders, "can I trust him too?"  Can love bloom when the odds seem against it?

Ms. Swanson has done a very good job creating EBONY EYES.  Her characters are rich, charismatic and totally realistic.  She used racism, prosperity and deceit.  These are the building blocks to a great read.  I like how Corie blossomed in Laine's care.  Despite the cultural differences, criminal elements and fear, love held steady as a rock.  I was able to enjoy this story despite the fact that it is not a normal choice for me.  I am Caucasian and tend to read those types of books.  Asian and African American are cultures that I have never identified with before.  This book has changed that somewhat as I took a walk on the other side so to speak.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: ladybirdrobi

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