Echoes at Dawn, A KGI Novel, Book 5

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: July 3, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Grace Peterson has reached the point where death doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing.  Her gift for healing has felt more like a curse and she’s constantly in pain from her endeavors on behalf of others – healings that she didn’t do willingly.  It’s gotten so bad that she’s closed off telepathic contact with her sister, Shea.  She’s being hunted by the dangerous group determined to take advantage of her abilities but what she doesn’t know is there’s another group looking for her as well – the KGI team led by Rio.


Rio has been drawn to Grace since he saw her on a surveillance video and he’s determined to find her and bring her home.  He’s learned a lot about her from her sister but nothing prepares him for the reality of meeting her.  He certainly hadn’t expected to develop telepathic contact with her himself.  There’s a connection between them that he’s dying to explore but keeping her safe is top priority and exploring their mutual attraction is going to have to come in second. 


Gordon Farnsworth might have more money than God but that isn’t going to save his daughter Elizabeth whom despite medical intervention is dying.  His only hope is that his goons can locate Grace in time.  He doesn’t care how doing so would affect Grace but Rio is aware of the cost of healing others because of his conversations with Shea.  Rio soon discovers that rescuing Grace comes with its own complications because one of the men out to capture her is someone with whom he used to work.  Sure, he can hide her away at his private home but that’s not the sort of life they want to lead.  Grace is desperate to reconnect with her sister but doing so puts them as well as those protecting them at risk.  With the world around them erupting in chaos will Rio be able to protect Grace from those who only want her for her abilities?


Maya Banks’ KGI series is a favorite among her fans and with good reason.  The heroes are seriously hot, passionate, and protective.  The women are smart, devoted to their loved ones and relatable.  Admittedly I hadn’t read WHISPERS AT DAWN, which is Shea’s story, but I have bought a copy so will be rectifying that situation as soon as possible.  With ECHOES AT DAWN readers will be swept away by the overwhelming emotions experienced by Grace and Rio.  They’re a wonderful couple and so willing to do whatever is necessary to protect each other that it makes the reader a little envious.  Of course Grace has been through so much that she definitely deserves a happily-ever-after and Rio is just the man to deliver.   What I particularly like about this entire series is that Ms. Banks stays true to the characters.  Each and every one of them has their own personality and as the series progresses you’re gifted with the opportunity to watch them grow as individuals as well as a fine tuned ‘family’ unit.


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SOFTLY AT SUNRISE is due to be released August 21, 2012.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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