Echoes of Scotland Street - On Dublin Street Series, Book 5

Author: Samantha Young

Publisher: NAL

Release Date: October 7, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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Shannon MacLeod is a receptionist for a renowned and popular tattoo parlor called INKarnate. She flees to Edinburg to escape the bitter recrimination of her family and to start anew after her last doomed relationship. Shannon has a knack of attracting the wrong kind of men and she is determined to rectify that defect in her tastes by staying away from the bad boy types. Fate tests her resolve in the form of her good-looking, tattooed manager. Shannon cannot help but typecast him as a bad boy player because of his appearance and flirty demeanor.

Cole Walker is INKarnate’s manager and main tattooist. He runs the tattoo studio for his semi-retired and famous boss. Cole recognized the new receptionist his boss hired as the girl he had met nine years ago next door to his friend’s home. He never forgot Shannon or the rapport they had shared. It disappoints Cole to learn that she does not remember him or that night on Scotland Street. But what baffles him the most is her cool treatment and her need for distance between them.

I came to admire Shannon. Here is a woman who faced such adversity and still managed to persevere. Sure, she came out of it a little broken a little banged up inside, and gun shy about relationships with all good reason. The author did an admirable job of showing just how damaged and tortured Shannon really was. I admired her drive to reclaim all the stolen pieces of herself she had lost at the hands of prior boyfriends, men who had slowly diminished her sense of self. She is the perfect role-model for women to aspire too who have been in a similar situation.

Cole is like a dream manifested, a total sweetheart. He is my idea of Prince Charming, a gallant knight in shining armor. The kind of man women wish to have. He is smart, artistic, compassionate, and supportive to the people he cares about. Cole proves that he is far from perfect, that he too has flaws and uncertainties he must deal with. The gentle care and patience he demonstrates with Shannon as he helps her with her insecurities and encourages her to feel pride in her artistic skill endears him to me even more.

I have this habit of really liking and bonding with minor characters, to the point that I like them more than the book’s hero and heroine. INKarnate’s second tattooist Rae is that character. She is rough-around-the-edges, abrasive and not afraid to mince her words, especially when she’s angry with you. She sort of reminds me of a few people I know minus the vulgar language.

Samantha Young is a new-to-me author. I was at a slight disadvantage going into this book, having not read the prior four books in the series, yet ECHOES OF SCOTLAND STREET can stand alone without any problems. It did take me a while to accustom myself to the first person point of view but in no way did it detract from the author’s unique voice. I could tell by the author’s tone, the words used and depth of knowledge that the author is Scottish born.

ECHOES OF SCOTLAND STREET is a passionate story full of romance, hope, of forgiveness of one’s self and the past, and finding a love to wash away all doubt and guilt. Samantha Young has this engaging voice that just sweeps you up in the magic of the story while ou sympathize with the characters involved.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: raonaid

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