Eden's Child

Author: Margaret Blake

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 blue ribbons


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As the victim of a hit and run, Maddy has spent eight weeks in a European hospital and has no idea who she is or where she lives. The fact that nobody has come forward to claim her has her feeling unwanted and unloved. Because of the cashmere jogging suit she was wearing, it’s assumed that she’s well off financially and her ability to converse in French, English, and some German indicates that she most likely lives somewhere in France. Imagine her shock when reality turns out to be much different from what she imagines.

Nevis Ballantyne lives in Mandorah, Queensland - Australia. He would have been thrilled to never set eyes on Maddy again. Their marriage has been a joke right from the beginning and she’s cheated, lied, and stolen from him. Maddy stole eighty thousand dollars and his mother’s jewelry before disappearing to Europe. Nevis is determined to regain the jewelry but can’t figure out if Maddy is pretending to have lost her memory or really did. Her behavior certainly doesn't making sense to him. She’s like a completely different woman now, one he never knew.

Maddy feels like she’s living someone else’s life. Nothing about her life with Nevis seems real. If everything she’s been told about herself is true then it makes perfect sense for everyone to hate her, even she hates the woman she used to be. Nevis is having a hard time hanging onto his hatred for Maddy and that scares him. Rather than risk falling for her again, Nevis opts to bring in a psychologist, Don Carr, to evaluate Maddy. What if she’s telling the truth and her memories of their marriage and her past misdeeds are forever lost to her? Can he possibly risk falling for her again?

Margaret Blake’s EDEN’S CHILD is one book that is sure to keep readers guessing. The contradictions between the ‘old’ Maddie and the ‘new’ Maddy are just too enormous to be ignored. To make the situation even more confusing she has flashes of memory of places and situations that don’t make any sense with the lifestyle or person that Nevis and his employees describe. I loved getting to know Maddy. She’s a warm caring person whom readers will love. Nevis is just as lovable but he’s been burned once by Maddy and isn’t about to trust her too easily. The mystery behind the difference in Maddy’s before and after personalities fascinated me and kept me engrossed in the pages throughout the book, but I was spellbound at how the storyline eventually turns out. It’s completely unexpected and riveting, but above all, heart-warmingly beautiful. Wonderful job Ms. Blake!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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