Edge of Ecstasy

Author: Tianna Xander

Publisher: Extasy Books

Release Date: May 2, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Mairy's life has felt like it was over since the man she loved with all her heart, Dannolas, died and left her all alone. Now though, Mairy has been chosen as May Queen, a title that implies so much erotic fan fare, she doesn't know if she can live through it. As May Queen, Mairy will be pleasured by every man in the village, intent on getting her pregnant to bring fertility back to the village. It won't just be men who find her irresistible as Mairy's splayed out for everyone's use though, the women find her just as tantalizing.

Things don't always happen the way they're supposed to though. The sex is carnal and wrought with emotions out of Mairy's control. Although all the men who bed Mairy are amazingly sweet and sensual, the only man Mairy really wants loving her is Dannolas. Will any of the men be enough to get her past her lost love? Will Mairy ever be able to find a spot of happiness in her broken life? Time heals all pain right?


EDGE OF ECSTASY is exactly that; it will leave readers braced on the edge of their seats in ecstasy as they read about Mairy's tantalizing escapades on May Day. Readers won't be able to look at this holiday the same again. EDGE OF ECSTASY was full of wonder, amazement and a sure fire storyline that will keep readers engaged throughout. I loved Mairy and I was able to sympathize for her loss throughout the story. The most endearing thing about Mairy was that even though she was being deliciously served from all the male members of the village, she still had Dannolas foremost on her mind throughout. There was true love in this story that none of the other characters were able to break. Tianna Xander is an eclectic writer who never fails to amaze readers with whatever genre she picks to write about. EDGE OF ECSTASY was no exception and this book will be on my keeper shelf to re-read again and again!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amanda Haffery

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