Edible Lovers: Sugar Mama
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 4, 2008 - 6:13:08 PM

At the ripe old age of thirty-six Theodora Adams has found herself in a most uncomfortable position.  She left corporate America two years ago to start a business she enjoys – as the owner of the Candy Drops Sweet Shoppe.  The last thing she needs is to be lusting after one of the employees – especially since Alejandra is so much younger than her.

Alejandro Alba is nine years younger than Theodora but he isn’t going to allow that to deter him from going after the woman he desires.  He’s a graduate student and she assumes that he has to work to make ends meet but Alejandro has a few secrets that he’s never divulged.  He knows if he’s got a long way to go if he’s going to get Theodora to view him as simply an employee – and he’s not above using every trick in his arsenal to achieve his goals.
Theodora isn’t stupid.  She’s well aware that she’s full-figured and much older than Alejandro.  There are also the racial issues to consider.  She’s done her best to ignore her attraction to him but Alejandro’s sexy smile and sexual innuendoes are proving impossible to resist and her body is on high alert.  If Alejandro wants to play then she’s more than willing to satisfy all her naughty desires on his young, ready, willing and able body.  The only problem is that she vowed to herself long ago never to fall in love with a man she has no hope of ‘calling her own.’  If they’re going to get down and dirty and ‘sample the wares’ so to speak, then she’s going to have some ground rules.  After all, she’s certain he’s delusional and simply horny and as an older woman she’s not about to put herself at risk for heartache once he does come to his senses.  She just hadn’t counted on Alejandro wanting more than a few heated embraces and nights of passion.  He wants it all!  Can she possibly resist him? Even after learning a few stunning revelations that will surely change both their lives forever there’s no denying that love is stronger than her will to protect her heart.
SUGAR MAMA kicks off Tuesday Morrigan's EDIBLE LOVERS series with a bang.  This is a fast past very passionate tale that will guarantee you’re drooling in anticipation of each sexually charged scene – whether in the sweets shoppe or out.  Despite their age difference and skin color Theodora and Alejandro seem to belong together and the love between them is obvious to anyone who knows them.  The one thing that I especially adored about this story is that Alejandro never gives up on Theodora even when she pushes him away.  This is a wonderful story that had me smiling, tearing up, and holding my breath in anticipation of what would happen next. 

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