Educating Emily
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2008 - 12:33:00 PM

Emily Sinclair has been lusting from afar for her neighbor, Devlin McKay, for just about most of her life. Every man she dates, she compares to Devlin. Emily is sick of waiting and has decided she needs to show Devlin she is grown up and ready to be with him. Emily runs a successful e-zine and she uses the excuse of an article about tips to drive a man crazy to insert herself into Devlin's life.

When Emily approaches him about her "research" plan, Devlin is shocked but oh so aroused. He cautiously agrees but he is quick to let Emily know he has no plans to settle down into a relationship. What is between them is sex only. Or so he tells himself. Before he knows how it happened, Devlin realizes he is falling deeply in love with Emily. But for a man who is not used to commitment, can they make a real relationship work?


Beverly Havlir knows how to write steamy romance! Whether flirting, kissing, touching, or talking to each other, Emily and Devlin sizzle! Emily is a bold and refreshing woman who is going after what her heart desires. She has her fears but she does not let that stop her from pursuing Devlin. Devlin is sexy, he is afraid of commitment but he is relishing every moment spent with Emily. I loved how he did not deny his feelings for her, once he realized what was going on. He was reflective, but not reactionary, just brushing off what he felt. Emily and Devlin have a truly special bond that you will certainly enjoy reading about. Beverly Havlir's books are getting more impressive!

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