Jane Porter Series, Book 2 - Educating Jane Porter
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2009 - 4:58:11 PM

It’s the morning after and Jane Porter is definitely feeling much lighter hearted after a night in the arms – and bed of Antonio Villareal.  He’s everything she could have hoped for in a Master.  It’s just too bad their sexual relationship will only last through the weekend, and then it’s back to her safe, staid existence. Or so she thinks.


Antonio Villareal is every inch a Master.  His sexual exploits are legendary and Jane can attest that he’s definitely a wonderful lover.  Only she hasn’t fully experienced everything he’s got to offer because he hasn’t introduced her to his best friend Santos yet.  Antonio and Santos enjoy sharing a woman and Jane’s about to experience being mastered by not one but two men.


Jane and her best friend and business partner, Lily’s company R.S.V.P. is responsible for setting up the events this weekend. However, it’s their extracurricular activities that are holding their attention.  Jane’s caught up in her sexual encounter with Antonio and the new knowledge that he shares women with his best friend Santos.  She has to admit that it’s a fantasy she enjoys but never seriously considered being in such a situation herself – until cornered by Antonio and Santos.


Her friend Lily had her own sexual experience but her emotions are in a tizzy over the event.  Lily and Jean Jacques are strong minded individuals and he’s definitely a Dominant male so the simple fact that she won’t accept his dominance over her is going to cause all sorts of problems.  Jealousy, hurt, and a power struggle are at the forefront of their relationship.  Can they get past their need for control and admit to their feelings? 


I’ve reached the conclusion that Dominique Adair is a cruel woman – or maybe she just enjoys teasing us – in either case, she’s definitely got me hooked with her JANE PORTER stories!  These stories capture your attention from the very beginning, build your anticipation, engage your emotions – and then you discover that you’ll have to wait for the next story to find out what happens next – and believe me, you’ll want to know what happens next.  These characters are highly memorable, the sex scenes are beyond hot and conversations are delightfully wicked.  I’ve got a real fondness for Jane, Antonio and Santos, but I have to confess it’s Lily and Jean Jacques battle of wills that really holds my attention and makes ‘angry sex’ so very appealing.  Ms. Adair has successfully ensured that readers will keep coming back for more and I know I’ll be eagerly awaiting May 12, 2009 – when the next installment of this series is due to be released.  It’s title is REINVENTING JANE PORTER.

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