Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis IV
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 6, 2006 - 10:23:00 AM


Princess Jeweline is fed up with being a virgin and her chaffing chastity belt. The simple fact that she’s still untouched is because of the fire breathing-dragon who’s charbroiled all seven of her fiances. Obviously if she’s ever going to have sex she’ll have to take care of the dragon herself. What will Jeweline do when she actually meets up with the dragon and discovers he’s not what he seems? Or when dragonslayers begin arriving hoping to win her hand in marriage by killing the dragon named Marcus?

Anya Bast does a fabulous job with this tale! You get a headstrong princess with a dragon that runs amok destroying any chance Jeweline has of ever having sex. This story is both comical and endearing.

STING OF THE WIND by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Shannon O’Rourke is one of the privileged few humans to work among the supernatural beings at Durbin Enterprises. She takes great pride in the strides the company has made in medical research on blood diseases and the blood bank that aids both human and otherworldly creatures. As Shae Durbin’s special personal assistant, she gets the benefit of his expertise and loving which he’s perfected over the past five hundred years.

I’ve often jokingly said that hospitals and blood banks have vampires in the basement so I got a real kick out of this whole storyline. Charlotte Boyett-Compo has contributed a fun storyline with truly likeable characters.


Brenna Cole has had a huge crush on her brother’s best friend and neighbor Danner Austin for as long as she can remember. Since her brother has asked her to house-sit, she fully intends to seize the opportunity to show him just how much she’s grown up. She doesn’t count on the extreme heat wave or rolling blackouts. Things are definitely going to heat up when the electricity goes out.

I’ve always loved Lena Matthews gutsy take-charge characters and homey realistic situations. This is a very fun story to visualize especially when Brenna’s brother returns home earlier than expected.


VIRTUOSITY by Kris Starr

Commander Dillon Walker has spent the past three years reeling from the wrongful death of her husband during a mission to an alien planet. After visiting with some of her fellow crew members and hearing of their experiences in the HoloSuite, Dillon figures a virtual lover, Aiden, would satisfy her physical needs without risking her heart. Or could Aiden be more real than she thought?

I found Kris Starr’s VIRTUOSITY to be poignantly heart touching. If you’ve ever suffered the loss of a loved one then you’d know just how hard it is to go on with life and I admire Dillon for her courage even if it is only with a virtual lover.

SHADOWS STIR by N.J. Walters

The fate of the Warriors of the Shadow Realm lies in the hands of a mortal woman. The Shadow Lord will do whatever he has to in order to save his kind and so he sends one of his Ryders, Gideon, to protect her. Jo Harris is determined to find her sister and in doing so is putting herself in danger. Gideon and Jo’s attraction is too strong to deny but will they be able to save themselves from the shadows?

N.J. Walters brings this tale into the light beautifully! Right from the beginning I was drawn into the storyline and didn’t want it to end. I am fascinated by the Warriors of the Shadow Realm and their plight and would love to see more books about them in the future.


Nancy only wants to bring a little social interaction into her lonely life. The last thing she expects is a gorgeous foreign man who seems to be having a bit of trouble with the English language to take an interest in her or the extreme desire she feels for him. It couldn’t be because of the Passionflower wine that he’s shared with her, could it? The whole experience is just out of this world - literally.

Ravyn Wilde’s PASSIONFLOWER is an awesome tale that will quickly capture and hold readers’ interest. This is a fun intergalactic romp full of unexpected events, humorous conversation, and a far off planet. I’m intrigued by M’ike’s home planet and would love to read more about it in future books.


The Cavemen are back and better then ever in this newest anthology, ELLORA’S CAVEMEN: DREAMS OF THE OASIS IV. As always, there are multiple genres represented so that readers can experience old favorites and try out something new as well. As a longtime reader of the Cavemen books I am extremely impressed with this one. There isn’t a single story in this book that I didn’t absolutely love and in several cases I even visited the author’s web sites to find out if there would be other books involving characters or themes that I’d like to read more about. Congratulations to all of the authors! You truly outdid yourselves on this one.

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