Ellora's Cavemen: Flavors Of Ecstasy Volume 1
By Noelle
Nov 3, 2009 - 8:57:52 PM



When a spate of apparent suicides sweeps the city, the detective in charge turns to a psychic for help. Asked to assist in the investigation, Iris quickly discovers that things are not as they seem, and another man who haunts her visions is the next victim. Will she be able to discover his identity in time to save him?

Peyton knew there was something special about the woman who showed up on his doorstep. Not only did she claim to be psychic, but she bore a striking resemblance to the woman he had been doing all manner of naughty things to in his dreams. Will Peyton pay attention to Iris’s warning, or will he be the next suicide?


As the first offering in FLAVORS OF ECSTASY, EXTRA SENSUAL PERECEPTION started the anthology off with a bang. With a strong hero, a heroine that is a perfect match, and a villain that will make your skin crawl, this was an excellent read. The chemistry between Peyton and Iris was perfect, and made for some very hot and steamy scenes. Well done!


FRENCH KISS by Solange Ayre


As the scion of one of the bastions of society, Amaryllis was everything a proper society debutante should be-except for her fiancée Brenden, an Irish doctor. When her mother postpones her wedding again, Amaryllis resigns herself unhappily to waiting, until she finds out that Brenden is going to a meeting at a notorious brothel. Does he really love her, or is he only using her?


As an Irish immigrant, Brenden was used to the doors of society being closed to him, until he fell in love with Amaryllis. Once they were married, the stuffy upper class would be forced to accept him, but only if her parents stop postponing their nuptials. When Amaryllis follows Brenden to a meeting, suddenly the long wait doesn’t seem nearly so bad. Will Amaryllis and Brenden finally marry?


FRENCH KISS was a very entertaining story. I especially liked the setting, but some parts of it were not exactly believable. However, they did add an extra element of entertainment to the story, so I was willing to suspend reality! Brenden and Amaryllis had very intense feelings for each other, and it made the story a very good read.


HAVING IT ALL by Desiree Holt


Ten years ago, Daisy Giles had her heart broken by Mac Fontana. Now, she was about to see him again for the first time, and she was scared to death. When she realized that her feelings for him were as strong as they had been before, she knew that her life would never be the same. Will she be able to move past the pain of his past actions?


Ten years ago, Mac Fontana had ruined the best thing in his life. Now, he would do anything to get Daisy back. He had his strategy planned, all he had to do was convince her that he had changed, and he loved her more then anything. Would Daisy be willing to forgive him and give him another chance?


Everyone has been in Daisy’s shoes at some point in their life, and that made this story so much more moving. The love scenes between Daisy and Mac were very spicy, and well written. Well done!




Amanda knew she had found the one, but after the most wonderful weekend of her life, he suddenly broke it off with her. Heartbroken, she tried to move on with her life, only to suddenly have her wayward lover appear in her life again, with alarming news. Will she be able to forgive him for all her pain?


Ethan had been forced by tragedy to make a hard choice. When his pack was attacked, he severed ties with Amanda, the woman who was his destined mate. When he realized that she was in danger, he knew that he had to save her, and hope that she would forgive him. Will Ethan be able to keep Amanda safe, and salvage their broken love?


The intensity of the feeling between Ethan and Amanda was amazing. It was especially touching for anyone who has ever felt the way she did. The love scenes were especially hot, and the identity of the villain was a shock. Great job!


RESISTING REED by Kristin Daniels


Marilee was finally free. Free from the jerk husband who had made her life hell for years, and free of the burden of their marriage. Now if she could only be free of her feelings for her best friend’s son-a man much younger then her. But when the feelings don’t go away, will she be brave enough to allow them to develop?


Reed was a man on a mission. After desiring Marilee for years, she was finally divorced from her husband, and he was ready to make is move. However, would he be able to convince Marilee that their potential love was worth the potential risk?


While not quite my cup of tea at first, RESISTING REED surprised me. I really enjoyed Reed’s character, and how much he cared for Marilee. The love scenes between them were very spicy, and very well done. Excellent job!


TRAPPED by Cindy Spencer Pape


Tabrin Jones was not having a good day. First, the bounty she had been chasing trapped her in an escape pod with one of her competitors, then the jerk ejected it into space, leaving her stranded with a yummy cyborg, with several days to kill. How on earth was she supposed to amuse herself now?


Zeyd Vasari could think of worse fates. Sure, he was stuck in an escape pod with a pissed off bounty hunter, but he had had a thing for her for a long time, so this was his chance to make his move. But will their relationship last once they get back to civilization?


TRAPPED was amazing! The pairing of Tabrin and Zeyd was great, they were both strong individuals, but still managed to complement each other. They were also so hot together that they almost throw sparks, so that was also a plus. Great work!

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