Ellora's Cavemen: Flavors of Ecstasy Volume II

Author: Ari Thatcher, BJ McCall, Liddy Midnight, Janne Lewis, Kimberly Dean, Cara Carnes

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: June 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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CELTIC RHYTHM by Ari Thatcher

Cait was pretty happy with her life. She owned her own business, and she got to spend her time doing what she loved. If the romance part had been a little lacking lately, that was not a big deal. But when she saw the very sexy drummer in an Celtic band, she suddenly wasn’t nearly as content. When the hottie in question stopped at her booth, and seemed to be interested in her, she was on cloud nine. But what would a handsome young thing like him want with an older woman?

When Jake spotted the beautiful woman in the crowd at one of his performances, he knew that he had to find her. Searching her out after he was finished, he quickly set about trying to get a date. When he finally convinced her to go out with him, he just had to convince her that they were meant to be together.

Wow, this story will make you want to find a sexy musician of your own! The romance between Cait and Jake was red hot, and very well written. Excellent job!



Shatara was annoyed. The sister of one of the most prestigious courtesans in the nation, she was ready to take her first client, she just had to convince the man intent on procuring her sister for the new monarch to take her instead. When she succeeded, she was ready for her first job, she just never counted on falling in love with her royal client.

Ladarius had no desire to take a new bride. Still mourning his beloved queen, he was forced to make a match to satisfy the law of the land. Refusing to marry a woman, he agreed to an ancient custom that allowed him to use a courtesan instead. When his new lady arrived, he was ready for anything, except falling for her.

This story has it all! A wounded hero, a feisty heroine, steamy romance, it is just perfect! Well done!


HELL TO PAY by Kimberly Dean

Cassidy Wilson was caught in the middle of an ancient feud. The land her father had given her was right between two of her clan’s worst enemies. And to make things even worse, her dog couldn’t stay out of their yard. When she chases after him, she suddenly finds out that the facts were not quite what she thought, and sometimes the sweetest lovers could be enemies.

Rafer Long knew what it was to want forbidden fruit. The feud between the Wilsons and the Longs had gone on longer then anyone could remember, but that didn’t matter to him. His pretty neighbor’s dog was the key to getting close to her, so he decided to be a bit sneaky. When he finally got the chance to make his move, he decided that the feud would end with them.

Excellent job! The feud between the Wilsons and the Longs added a nice backstory to the romance between Rafer and Cassidy. The romance was red-hot, making the story even better. Another good read!


THE PROPER WIFE by Janne Lewis

As a dutiful wife, Elizabeth did what she was taught by her mother to do. She obeyed her husband, and did her duty when it was needed. She never knew that something was missing from her relationship, until one night. Forced to share a room at an inn with a woman who turned out to be a notorious madam, she learned several lessons. Realizing what was missing in her marriage, she decided to seduce her husband, but would he be able to handle the shocking concept of a wife who could be a proper woman and a lover?

When Captain Warren sent his wife Elizabeth to her cousin’s house, he never dreamed that the woman who returned would suddenly turn his idea of what was right upside down. A staid, proper man, he was shocked to his toes when his pure wife suddenly seduced him. How will he react to his new wife?

This story was very interesting. Captain Warren’s reaction to Elizabeth’s change was very humorous. I enjoyed this one very much!


TOUCH OF LUST by Liddy Midnight

Julia had lived her whole life governed by the strict laws and rules of her home planet. She had always felt that there must be something more, but had no idea what she was searching for, until she met Gavor. After a clandestine shopping mission ended in disaster, Gavor rescued her. When traditions of her planet demanded their marriage, she was thrilled. Would her new husband be what she was searching for, or would his secret tear them apart?

As a half breed shifter, Gavor had hoped to be able to escape taking a mate, but when he met Julia the first time, he knew he would do anything to get her, even sacrifice his freedom to marry her. When the deed was done, Gavor realized that his new wife was more then he had ever imagined, but would she still love him when she found out that he was not quite human?

Smoking hot romance, a spunky heroine and a sexy alpha hero. It doesn’t get much better then that! Excellent!



Everyone has something in their past they would like to forget. For Kitta, it is the years she spent working in special ops, and the horror of her last mission. But when a handsome man comes to her place asking for her help, Kitta has no choice but to reopen old wounds, and try to save an old flame. But will her new partner be willing to stay with her, or will he give her up to her old love?

Doss Ravak had a debt to pay. When he heard rumors that his half brother was a prisoner, he knew he had to do anything to break him free, including convince pretty Kitta that she needed to help him. He never expected the attraction that flared between them, or the pain he would feel when he found out that Kitta and his brother had been involved. Resolved to do the right thing, Doss rescued his brother, then left Kitta to decide what she wanted. Who would Kitta choose?

Another excellent story! Well written, smoking romance, and an element of tension coming from the setting. Great job!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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