Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction

Author: Delilah Devlin, Lillian Feisty, Allyson James, Sherrill Quinn, Denise Rossetti, Jory Strong

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: March 21, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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HER LANCE-ALOT by Delilah Devlin

Lady Margaret du Bary has no intention of sharing her bed with her new husband on their wedding night. He’s a brute of a man who obviously hasn’t bathed in months. He didn’t even notice that he was standing in horse feces while they said their vows. Her nurse, Grania, suggests plying him with more ale and a bath and he will be unable to consummate their marriage. Lord Roland thinks that a bath is an excellent idea. It’ll give his timid wife an opportunity to be comfortable with his body. Could this bath prove to be much more educational than either of them expect?

Delilah Devlin captures the frustration and angst of a young woman forced into marriage with someone she considers completely unsuitable. Lord Roland may be a fierce man in battle but with Margaret, he’s gentle and loving and readers won’t be able to help but adore him.



Jane Holliday has loved Michael Sky for over a year but she’s too shy to approach him. When some of his Navy SEAL comrades drag him into the Indian restaurant where she performs she suddenly gains self confidence and uses her dance to seduce him. Michael has no interest in getting involved with a woman. His job isn’t conductive to relationships. From the moment the veiled dancer begins her sensuous routine he can’t think of anything but getting his hands on her. Is there any hope for love between this Navy SEAL and his shy belly dancer?

Who doesn’t like a thrilling story involving a Navy SEAL? They’re hot, sexy, and you just know they have the stamina to please a woman. Lillian Feisty thrilled me by having a shy, heavyset girl get the guy everyone wants.


CLUB VAMP by Allyson James

Master vampire Kenelm has been in search of the one woman destined to restore him to power. When he views a young woman reporter on television and notices the tiny tattoo on her collarbone he realizes that his search is at an end. Kenelm sends his friend and lover, Adam Chase, to invite her to his club. Helena Girard is instantly attracted to Adam but she avoids relationships and sex because of the deadly electricity her body emits when she’s sexually excited. Kenelm has the ability to siphon off her power while she makes love to Adam - as long as he is also present.

Allyson James adds an ‘electrifying’ aspect to her vampire tale in CLUB VAMP. I loved the vibes I could feel while I read this story. There’s no doubt that Kenelm, Adam and Helena are perfect together and there’s a thrilling danger to their relationship that will keep you reading to find out what happens next.


CHOOSING MADISON by Sherrill Quinn

Madison Marquette thought that the tales her friend Julie Grant has been telling her of life on other planets were just a product of her imagination. The sudden arrival of two large men in her living room proves that Julie hasn’t been making any of it up. Gaelen and Leax have come to Earth to retrieve the fiancé of their world’s leader. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate in her adventurous best friend Madison.

Sherrill Quinn thrilled me with this spicy tale of intergalactic love. Madison, Gaelen and Leax practically sizzle the pages with the raw emotion that the reader can feel between them. I really loved this story and hope Ms. Quinn has plans to make this into a series.


COME HOWLING by Denise Rossetti

Being a banshee is making Maeve O’Brien’s life a living nightmare. Because of her therapists suggestion, Maeve is actively seeking employment through an employment agency. Luc Kaminski is immediately attracted to Maeve despite her bag lady clothes and Tourette-like speech. Her voice alone is enough to cause him to Manifest. Can Maeve accept a man who sports a forked tail and grows horns when he’s aroused? And oh my, the things he can do with that tail . . .

Denise Rossetti’s story is laugh out loud funny yet at the same time very sweet. Maeve and Luc both have issues that strongly effect their day to day lives and relationships. Readers will love delving into the passion that burns between these two characters and the way they easily accept each other’s quirky traits.



The Azzura clan is preparing to make a trip across the desert where they’ll sell their wares and acquire mates. The girl children of the tribe are raised with the knowledge that they may be sacrificed to the Djinn, spirits of the desert, so that the others can have a safe journey. Lyrael’s dreams of a panther who shifts into a bird then changes into a snake tell her that she is to be the Azzura’s sacrifice. She even knows the Djinn’s name - Asrafil. Will her sacrifice be as horrifying as her imagination leads her to believe, or will she discover a powerful love in the enemy of her people?

Jory Strong draws readers into this story with an intense plot that entices you to learn more about why the Azzura fear the Djinn and what exactly being ‘sacrificed’ entails. Lyrael and Asrafil are fascinating characters who are very different yet turn out to be perfect for each other.


The next generation of ELLORA’S CAVEMEN is here with SEASONS OF SEDUCTION. With this book readers will have the opportunity to sample a variety of tales that are sure to titillate your senses. One of the things that I love about the Cavemen books is that I’m treated to some of my favorite authors and at the same time get to read one or two authors I may not have had the opportunity to read before. All of the stories in SEASONS OF SEDUCTION are well written and exciting. I know I eagerly read through each story and would love to see sequels written for several of them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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