Author: Kay Hooper

Publisher: Berkley Romance

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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In ELUSIVE DAWN, Robyn Lee is just starting to get her life back on track.  Just over a year ago she had buried her race car driver husband after a fiery crash during a race.  At a party that her cousin has dragged her to, she meets Shane Justice and is instantly drawn to him.  Robyn throws caution to the wind and they spend a wonderful night together, but by the next morning Robyn is not prepared for her feelings to be awakened again, so she leaves before Shane wakes up.  By the time he finds her again, Robyn has discovered that Shane is also a stock car driver and she knows that she does not want to get involved with another man that so recklessly risks his life.  Shane refuses to give Robyn up and he will do anything to show Robyn that he is worthy of her love and if she will only trust him, he will do everything within his power to not lose that gift.

This story is a wonderful account of how a woman, who has lost everything because of a tragic accident, conquers her own crippling fears and in the process finds a love worth the journey.  Robyn and Shane's story is a testament that with love all things are possible.


In ON HER DOORSTEP, Erin Scott has carved a safe and secure life for herself after a painful divorce.  She is a best-selling author and though she is a little behind on her latest book, she doesn't need Matt Gavin invading her sanctuary with his offer of help, even if he is the man that signs her checks.  Matt is captivated by his first glimpse of Erin and he is determined to discover the reason why a beautiful and talented woman would hide herself in the back of beyond.  As Erin spends time with Matt and sees in him a man that is worthy of trust and love, she must find the courage to face her past and come to terms with some painful truths.


This compelling story shows the steps a woman, who has lost trust in herself because of a previous painful relationship, must take to learn to trust herself again, so that she can embrace a new love.  Erin and Matt's story is a wonderful example of how love can heal all wounds.


In RETURN ENGAGEMENT, Tara Collins has overcome an unfortunate childhood and become a talented and sought after actress.  While on the set of her latest movie she comes face-to-face with ex-lover Devlin Bradley and this time he is determined neither one of them will walk away from the attraction between them.  Devlin convinces Tara to help him avoid an awkward situation, with the very young daughter of a business partner, by pretending that they are engaged.  During the masquerade Tara is forced to confront issues from her past in order to free herself emotional, so that she can allow herself to fall in love. 


This wonderful story brings to light how a grown woman, who has buried memories of a childhood tragedy, learns how to recognize and free the fearful child still living inside her.  Tara and Devlin's story is an emotional journey where two people discover that true love can overcome all tragedies.


ELUSIVE by Kay Hooper is a delightful mix of timeless stories about second chances at love.  I enjoyed each story from the opening paragraph until the final sentence and at the end was left wishing that the book contained more of Ms Hooper's excellent stories.  I recommend this collection to everyone that enjoys uplifting stories about two ordinary people that overcome all obstacles so that they can experience the beauty of love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Char

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