Embattled Christmas

Author: J.M. Madden

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Release Date: December 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Wendy

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It's Christmas time, and the staff at the Lost and Found Investigation Service are struggling to find their holiday spirit.

John Palmer is confused at why suddenly his girlfriend Shannon is pulling away from him.  They have been together for the past year, but lately something is creating a wedge between them.  He fears  losing her, but is reluctant to move towards putting any type of permanence to their relationship.

When Chad agrees to be Santa he gets an unexpected Santa request from Mercy.  This year, she orders up a big present for Santa, to have Chad become her father.  Will he answer the little girls Christmas wish?

Zeke finds that he can’t live his life without Ember in it.  He is amazed each time he looks into her eyes and sees the love she radiates only for him.  She has always been able to look past his scars and show him that his injuries do not prevent her from loving him.  He is determined to make this Christmas one that she will always remember.

Duncan Wilde is proud of the men he employs at the Lost and Found Investigation Service.  Each one of them has grown to be his extended family.  With the holiday season upon them, he finds the group surprises him with an unexpected Christmas gift, one that is assured to put him in the right holiday mood.

EMBATTLED CHRISTMAS is the perfect holiday gift.  For those fans who find themselves in love with the characters from the Lost and Found Investigation Service there is no way you will be able to resist purchasing and reading this book.  This book is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with such delightful characters you have grown to love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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Romance Junkies Content Editor: Suzie

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Chrissy


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