Embattled Minds (Lost and Found Series Book 2)
By Suzie Housley
Aug 1, 2013 - 5:53:11 AM

In Afghanistan, Zeke Foster receives a traumatic brain injury when a wall collapsed on top of him.  His recovery was slow and painful; a patch work of scars still mars his body.  He tries to hide them behind a beard and his long hair, but the pity stares he receives from strangers tear down his self-confidence.

Ember Norton helps her father to run his restaurant because he suffers from PTSD from his time in Vietnam.  Often she finds herself waiting on tables when they are short staffed.  She finds herself looking forward to a group of soldiers who visit the restaurant each week.  One scarred soldier in particular has caught her interest. 

In Zeke Foster Embers sees a man who has fought gallantly for his country, and has been wounded in the process.  She sees his scars as badges of courage she feels he should wear proudly.  Will Ember be able to convince Zeke that she can see past his scars and love the man she sees before her?  Or will Zeke push Ember away convinced that in his battle weary condition is unworthy of any woman’s love?

EMBATTLED MINDS is another outstanding tribute to the LOST AND FOUND SERIES. This series just keeps getting as J.M. Madden keeps introducing her readers to unforgettable characters.  In EMBATTLED MINDS you meet Zeke and see how he is coping with the injuries he received in Afghanistan.  

J.M. Madden does an outstanding job in painting a picture with her descriptive words of how serious Zeke’s injuries were and how he is learning to deal with them.  The love and his acceptance he finds in Ember’s arms will melt any true blue romance fans heart.  After reading this book, I am thoroughly convinced that it is one of the all-time top series I have ever experienced.  Five ribbons just doesn’t do this book justice, it is well worth 10 ribbons because it is a perfect romance!

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