Emerald Dungeon
By Suzie Housley
Apr 9, 2011 - 3:18:27 PM

Dana never anticipated her summer job as a musician would introduce her to a lifestyle she never knew existed.  When she decided to explore the Irish castle she would be working in, lights drawn drew her deep down into the castle's dungeon.  There she finds a BDSM scene playing out; from the expression on the woman's face she is having the time of her life.  This encounter has Dana curious to find out if pain and pleasure can play a part in sexual ecstasy.

Jack hired Dana and upon seeing her he recognizes her for a true submissive.  He knows as an experienced Dom he has the skills that she needs to awaken her body to new heights.  Will Dana be brave enough to put her trust in Jack and allow him to bring her body to a level of true sexual fulfillment?


What Jack and Dana are not aware of is the castle walls are full of secrets.  Each one are is filled with evil substance that threaten their growing relationship.  Will they be able to avoid the danger that threatens them?


EMERALD DUNGEON is a gem of a romance.  It is the perfect way to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon.  I attribute myself to be an experienced BDSM book reviewer; I would have liked the author to have gone deeper into the BDSM lifestyle to give a more fulfilling experience in experiencing this book.  She did an adequate job in giving a good introduction to BDSM, but I felt this book had much more to offer.      

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