Emerald Heat
By Dina Smith
Nov 30, 2003 - 4:34:00 PM

Four years ago James Wolfe’s world was shattered when the helicopter he was piloting crashed and his wife Lily and unborn child were killed. For four years Jim has lived with the guilt and loneliness of never having the chance to say goodbye.

Now four years later Jim and his friend Kadar are sitting in his Learjet, when Jim looks up to see Lily walking across the passenger terminal. When Jim rushes to Lily’s side he is met with a cold and angry Lily who orders Jim to stay away from her, and then leaves in the arms of another man.

Walking away from Jim was the hardest thing Lily had ever had to do, but she also knew it was the only way to keep him and their son Arlen alive. Lily’s grandfather, Don Gregory Phillips or El Patron was the ruler of San Torreon, a small country in South America. Don Gregory Phillips was a cruel and vicious man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He has been using Lily’s son as a pawn to get Lily to do what he wanted for the past four years, but Lily has a plan to bring Jim and his son together and her grandfather’s reign to an end.


When Jim gets sent to San Torreon to do a research project for MFI, he has every intention of finding out why Lily left him all those years ago. When an enemy of Jim’s tries to kill him, Jim and Lily end up alone in the rainforest of Brazil. When their passion explodes once again can Lily go through with her plan to send Jim away again only this time with their son…


EMERALD HEAT is an edge of your seat romance that will keep you turning page after page. As the romance between Jim and Lily heat up so does the danger. Barbara Clark has written a masterful story that takes you deep into the rainforest of South America with a plot so

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