Emeralds In The Snow
By Terri
Nov 16, 2006 - 2:35:00 AM

Lucky Tucker, member of the Sugar Mountain Ski Patrol, rescues Emerald Graham from a fall while skiing, and the two are instantly attracted to one another. Lucky has had to struggle to make ends meet. Raised in a family that never seemed to have enough money, especially after his grandfather disappeared, He is unsettled that Emerald has a doctorate in math while he only attained a high school education, yet this does not seem to matter to Emerald. 

Emerald is the granddaughter of recently deceased Everett Graham, a well-respected, wealthy, businessman, and has lived a privileged life. Despite their diverse backgrounds; the two cannot deny their feelings and enter into a relationship. They discover a treasure map belonging to Emerald's grandfather, which guides them to land Lucky inherited from his grandfather. Lucky and Emerald hope this will lead them on a path that will bring good fortune; however, the secret they uncover threatens to separate them forever.

Maggie Bishop once more unveils a treasure-trove of information about the Appalachian region as well as the sport of snow skiing in EMERALDS IN THE SNOW. The familial connection between characters from Ms. Bishop's first book, APPALACHIAN PARADISE, and this one will, for some readers, feel like you are visiting old friends.  The author skillfully builds the story, with enticing characters and sweet romance, and then offers impending doom to a relationship that you have been rooting for, leaving a spiraling sense of anticipation until the end of the story.  An engrossing read, one that you will not want to put down. The story will leave you wanting to know more about the gems. Ms Bishop, I thank you for such a great read and look forward to reading more of your books in the future.

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