By Annie
Apr 1, 2009 - 1:42:33 PM

Deacon is one of the very few who isn’t corrupt in this town. He left the Marksdale Police to join the Nox Squad for a reason. He’s after the people responsible for the vamp venom and he will do anything to get it off the streets.

Hope Bradley is part of the Nox Liberi, or what some would call vampires. Her goal is to find and kill the person responsible for killing her mentor and finishing his work.

When Hope saw Deacon about to get shot at she tried her best to warn him. Only instead she accidentally nicked his neck instead. But the end results were the same. He was alive. She has no idea why she saved him only she did. Now that her mentor has been murdered she will stop at nothing to finish his work by destroying Perimore Corporation. The one’s who are responsible for the vamp venom. Deacon hunts down Holly to find out if she is friend or foe. Only to find himself wanting to claim her as his own. Now with them having the same goal, things will come to light that will either save them and make them closer, or will tear them apart and possibly their death.

EMERGENCE was another tale of a different sort of vampire. I enjoyed it because it didn’t go off the normal basis of what a vampire is. Marie Harte has managed to capture a world were you can get lost in and pretend for just a while that you’re living her story.

I loved Deacon. He was strong and yet sensitive when he needed to be. He is the type of guy who will tell you he isn’t hurting but will be there to rub your feet when you get home from work. I absolutely adored this book and will look forward to more by Marie Harte.

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