Emergency Engagement
By Kim Atchue-Cusella
Jul 6, 2005 - 7:39:00 AM

Beth Johnson has to rush her daughter Carly to the emergency room when she finds out that she has gone into her pocketbook and taken cold tablets thinking that they were candy. Carly thinks she will die now since her father died in the hospital from cancer. When Carly meets Dr. Searle she thinks he is like Prince Eric with Princess Ariel, her favorite animated characters.

Dr. Quinton is taken by surprise when he goes to a bachelor party and finds that the dancer is none other than Beth. He questions her parenting skills and drags her out of the party. Irritated, Beth tells him to just leave her alone, he just cost her the five hundred dollars she could greatly need for an apartment deposit. Quinton discovers that her full time job is at a deli about the same time his mother calls to set him up with a date for his sister's wedding.


When Quinton offers Beth a good sum of money to be his date for the wedding, she desperately agrees. Little does she know, that one little lie can lead to a big snowball effect. To make matters even more interesting, a little cupid has decided that her mom and Dr. Searle are just like her favorite characters Prince Eric and Princess Ariel.


Michele Dunaway fashions a wonderful story that reels the reader in with a mother's love and a sensitive doctor who falls in love with both of them. The strength of Beth being a single mother and trying to support both herself and her daughter is shown through a sensitive storyline. Quinton is a perceptive character that makes Beth see that she can fall in love again. EMERGENCY ENGAGEMENT is a wonderful quick read that you will enjoy reading curled up on a rainy afternoon.

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