Enchanted Inc., Hex and the City
By Jodi
Aug 1, 2005 - 4:55:00 AM

Katie Chandler knew to expect the strange and unusual when she traded in her small town Texas life for the bright lights and endless nights of New York City. What she didn't expect was just how weird The Big Apple could be. Fed up with her beastly boss, and tired of her accent which immediately discounts her as less than bright, Katie is miles past ready for a change. She should be careful what she wishes for.

It turns out that the very qualities that are holding her back in her current job are very highly prized by MSI, Inc. Which is of course, Magic, Spell and Illusions, Inc. They are in desperate need of Verifiers. Basically what they are looking for is a reality check. Now if Katie can accept what she can't see or touch, and believe that she isn't losing her mind, she will fit right in ...sort of. Katie has a lot of adjusting to do. Little things like co-workers who are fairies, giantesses, ogres, and let's not forget one incredibly good-looking, but painfully shy wizard, Owen Palmer - head of Research and Development. Or the founder and CEO Merlin...yes, the Merlin.

Katie soon discovers that her period of adjustment will have to be short. A disgruntled ex-employee of MSI, Inc has decided to throw his darker spells into the magical marketing mix. Spells that can, in the wrong hands, be disastrous for a great many beings.

Katie teams up with a blushing wizard, once of the first known enchanters, and a lawyer who hasn't quite decided if he has gone off the deep end yet; not to mention a slew of other creatures to stop this dark menace. Of course, since she isn't susceptible to magic, she has to take their word for it, and be their eyes and ears to reality. Katie Chandler isn't out to save the world...just preserve her small corner of it. At least until she can convince a certain stammering wizard to work his magic on her.

ENCHANTED INC.; HEX AND THE CITY is the sneak hit of the summer. This book is Bewitched meets Sex and the City. Ms. Swendson has taken chick-lit and hexed it into a hilarious and witty read. I was surprised at how much information that she managed to slip in under the guise of humor. Warning: Be prepared to get those 'she's gone crazy' looks from passersby if reading this book in public. There are cover to cover laughs in this book. Let me tell you, poor Katie learns to word things very carefully around her new co-workers. The term "you have to kiss a lot of frogs" has a very literal meaning at MSI, Inc. Owen is so powerful, so handsome, and so utterly unable to carry on a complete conversation without nearly spontaneously combusting from his blush. ENCHANTED INC.; HEX AND THE CITY is not a book that is going to gather dust on your shelf. I have read it many times and it never loses its impact. I can't wait to see what else Ms. Swendson has in store for Katie, Owen and the others at MSI, Inc. Kudos for an excellent book, and it is my pleasure to award it with Romance Junkies highest rating of five blue ribbons.

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