Endangered Hearts
By Natasha Smith
Mar 5, 2007 - 9:36:00 AM

Jack has spent the last few months licking his wounds and renovating his life.  Happy with his isolation and solitude, he is asked by an old buddy for a favor.  Reluctantly agreeing to allow his friend’s aunt the use of his second cabin, Jack envisions grey hair and orthopedic shoes.  What he gets is red hair and sexiness personified. 

Abby is happy for the use of Jack’s cabin.  The victim of a possible stalker, she needs someplace to write that is quiet and secluded, far away from the man bent on bothering her.  When she meets Jack face to face, Abby can’t wait to get away from him; the man practically snarls his words and makes her feel like an interloper.  However, when danger begins to stalk her every move, Abby only has her new landlord to turn to for help. 


ENDANGERED HEARTS by Jolie Cain is the perfect blend of suspense and sexuality.  Add in best friend Clay for a bit of threesome naughtiness and my night was complete.  In addition, the surprise ending gives an added kick that makes this book more than satisfying.  I will definitely be watching for more to come by this new and talented author.

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