Enemy Mine
By Brenda Edde
Jul 1, 2005 - 10:40:00 AM

As a young girl Kathy Trayhern lived through the trauma of her family being kidnapped by the Garcia drug cartel.  When they were rescued she watched her beloved mother, father and brother battle the effects of being raped and tortured, deepening the survivor's guilt that would haunt her for the rest of her life.  Nobody spoke with Kathy about her thoughts regarding the kidnapping, nobody thought to tell her that they purposely had not retaliated. Kathy has nurtured her anger throughout her life and developed a plan to pay back the Garcia's for the pain they inflicted on her family.   Garcia now has a daughter of his own, Kathy's plan will put her in a position as Tikki Garcia's nanny and when the time is right she will kidnap her and show Garcia what it feels like to lose the one he loves the most.

As Mac and Kathy work their separate agendas to wreak havoc on Garcia they battle their growing attraction to each other, neither willing to share their secrets, neither is willing to fully trust the other. They individually finesse their way through the battleground of Garcia's increasingly paranoid and violent tendencies each knowing that time is running out for their plans. Kathy finally admits to herself that she can't in good faith put into action her original plan of kidnapping Garcia's daughter, however she is determined to bring down the drug trade he has built by stealing the information that she is sure is hidden in Garcia's executive assistant's computer that she has had the good luck to find the password to.  When Mac and she finally realize they are working on the same side and Kathy is more than happy to hand that information to Mac but it's just their luck that the other drug lords plan to take out one and all in Garcia' s camp.


Ms McKenna has once again written a tense and intriguing story of how our military works behind the scenes to protect us from the evil of the drug cartels.  She always manages to put a great love story in there as well, blending duty and honor while teaching us that trust and integrity can be combined to become the glue that will seal true love. 


ENEMY MINE is the latest in the Morgan's Mercenary series and a wonderful answer to the question I had been wondering about for a long time, what happened to the child that was left behind?  I am looking forward to the next episode in the saga of the men and women who make our country safer to live in by putting their lives on the line every day.

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