English Lord, Ordinary Lady

Author: Fiona Harper

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Single mother, Josie, has worked very hard to raise her daughter at her godfather Harry’s estate, Elmhurst Hall.   Now that dear Harry is gone the new heir has come and it is all Josie can do to stay calm as she has to deal with the stuffy Londoner and keep her innocent daughter from getting attached to him.  She is a free spirit who narrowly escaped the strict household of her mother and her hair and wardrobe choices reflect that spirit.  Her life now revolves around running a tea room at Elmhurst and taking care of her precocious daughter.  

Will Radcliffe has recently inherited Elmhurst Hall from his grandfather.   Grudgingly, since his grandfather was the black sheep of the Radcliffe family.  Upon his arrival at the hall he is met by a fairy princess and her outlandishly dressed mother.  For some reason the pixyish child likes Will and makes it a point to accost him on every visit he makes.  Her mother is another story; though Josie has made a partial success of the tea room there is room for improvement.  Her dress and her free spirit make a stickler like Will uncomfortable until they share a kiss that makes him think of so much more.  He needs to remain respectable but Josie tempts him in ways he never imagined.  


ENGLISH LORD, ORDINARY LADY is a fresh and fun romance that takes two lonely people who appear to be opposites and shows them all that they have in common.  Josie and Will are both individuals with hidden scars and depths that are gradually revealed as they get to know one another.   Realistically presented lifestyle differences and obstacles lend credence to the relationship as Josie and Will work from coworkers to friends to lovers.  Hattie is a delightful child and adds a little extra pizzazz to the story, making our staid and stuffy Will more approachable with each meeting.  Josie is a delightful heroine and watching Will fall a little more under her spell each day is a lovely thing.  I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona Harper’s story of two such engaging characters and I will be looking up her backlist.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Scarlet

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