Enjoying the Show
By Nickie Langdon
Dec 7, 2007 - 1:17:45 PM

Hailey and her friends have gathered on Friday nights for quite some time. One particular Friday night they spy the man in the apartment directly across the courtyard from them. The urge to watch is not ignored.

Thus begins the Friday night watching of Mr. Tool, as they’ve named him. He’s become bolder and bolder in his appearance, actions and the television programs he watches.


Hailey is an intelligent blonde whose appearance makes men drool. Unfortunately, her shyness and awkwardness gives the impression that she’s an Iceprincess. She hears the comments from some of her male co-workers. Her track record with men isn’t good at all.


On a particular Friday night, Mr. Tool looks directly across the courtyard back at the women. When they realize he knows they’ve been watching him, they fall to the floor. Hailey, unfortunately – she thinks – is the last one to fall.


The party disburses and Hailey heads for her vehicle. Her quick getaway is thwarted by the man of her dreams. Gage, known as Mr. Tool, demands that she either go with him to his apartment. Once inside he tells her that he knows she and her friends have been watching him. He gives her a choice. Either she takes him to dinner or he turns her and her friends into the police for peeping.


Marie Harte’s ENJOYING THE SHOW is both fulfilled and bittersweet. Hailey is shy and unsure of herself where men are concerned. Her track record with them leaves her hesitant to trust. Gage fell in love with her the first time he saw her. While he tried to figure out a good way to meet her without coming off as a real jerk she moved. He finally found her again and watched from a distance.


Their coming together is sweet and loving. Gage will do anything to prove his love, even propose abstinence so she’ll believe his feelings are real. To him they’re permanent but he doesn’t want to scare her away.


She’s afraid that the wonderful turn of events is headed for a downfall and has trouble admitting her true feelings.


Then there’s his family. They’re the typical All-American family with a mom who loves her three sons dearly. She longs for her boys to find someone to love and make her a grandmother.


ENJOYING THE SHOW is witty, it’s sad and it has some heart pounding lovemaking going on. You don’t want to miss it.

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