Enslave: The Taming of the Beast
By Sarah W
Dec 2, 2009 - 10:53:09 PM

Nadia Bessonova is being forced to repay a family debt after her father steals a priceless car from Dominic Luder, a man not known for kindness or forgiveness. She leaves her home and goes with him, not knowing what to expect, if she will be safe or find more danger in his home. After all, Dominic has the scars to prove how brutal he is.

Dominic cannot believe Nadia has willingly agreed to be his prisoner, to do anything he wants and asks for. Even as Nadia professes to hate what Dominic stands for, she cannot help but be mesmerized by him. He is sexy and arrogant, cold and cruel, and before she knows it, they are intimate. She is not sure if it was the right step, but nothing can keep her out of his arms, even Dominic’s demands. Will Nadia be his prisoner for life, or will Dominic see that forcing her to be with him will only make them both unhappy?

ENSLAVE: THE TAMING OF THE BEAST is a very erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Fortunately, Cathy Yardley gives this beloved classic a new spin with Nadia and Dominic. Nadia has never been wanted for herself. She has never found pleasure with men; it has always been a form of work. But with Dominic, though she went with him to save her family, instead, she finds that being with him makes her happy, a very novel concept. Dominic has had his fair share of women, but with Nadia, well, she gives him a run for his money. She is not going to yield to all his demands without a fight. Their interactions go from confrontational to loving as they get to know and understand each other better. As Nadia’s loyalties start to shift, she has to wonder if her family would protect her like she protects them. Who can she really trust? Will she put her love and life in Dominic’s hands? ENSLAVE: THE TAMING OF THE BEAST is a sexy thrill ride from start to finish. Dominic and Nadia create a maelstrom of emotions that carry throughout the entire story. Another exciting and twisting fairy tale story from Cathy Yardley!

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