By Natasha Smith
Mar 5, 2007 - 7:02:00 AM

Blind artist Jordan Kane uses her psyprint abilities to create works of art.  However, because of her clairvoyance, very few people realize she is blind and she likes it that way.  During a showing of her art at a gallery, Jordan meets Dillon Gavin, a man she instantly recognizes as a walking, talking breathing upset to her well-ordered solitary life.  While Dillon may be sin personified and sexy as hell, Jordan just doesn’t want a man in her life upsetting the balance and normalcy she has created.  Using her clairvoyance to see Dillon, Jordan can’t deny her attraction.  His job, however, causes the most distress.  Violence comes off him in waves, so much so that Jordan decides that Dillon is strictly off limits.  If only he would listen.

Black ops agent Dillon Gavin has been placed on vacation by his superiors with orders to rest and relax.  Since his occupation takes up most of his time, he rarely indulges in simple things like sex and flings.  Primed and ready for fast and easy non-committed action, Dillon has no idea that his favorite artist, Jordan Kane, is about to totally change his outlook on romance and love.  Desiring Jordan like none before her, Dillon’s seduction begins.  It’s not surprising that it almost comes to a crashing halt when she lets him in on her secret.  The thought that Jordan can sense and see what he is doing and what he has done places her in unnecessary risk.  Dillon knows that he should let her go – but knowing and doing are two very different things.  When Jordan’s nightmares are increasingly filled with vile visions of destruction and death, Dillon determines that he will do anything to keep his woman safe. 


ENTICED by Kathleen Dante is, for want of a better description, simply enticing.  I thought Ms. Dante wove an intriguing tale of suspense that kept me wondering at the identity of the antagonist.  I treasured Dillon from the moment he met Jordan.  Chivalrous from his first glance at Jordan, I thought him a most patient lover; his seduction and enticement of Jordan was one of the most romantic scenes I have ever read. 


Jordan was a strong and independent heroine and I loved how she tried to talk herself out of seeing Dillon many times over but to no avail.  The secondary character, Timothy, Jordan’s fat feline pet, was written so realistically that most cat lovers will relate to the ball of fur’s stubbornness and curiosity. 


ENTICED is a must read in my book.  Suspenseful, intriguing, and doused with a bit of magic, this story sated my paranormal loving heart.  This second book of Kathleen Dante’s En series was exactly what I was craving.  ENTICED is a keeper and I look forward to future installments.

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