Erotic Research
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2009 - 3:22:54 PM

Under advisement of her editor, romance author Julia Martin is about to embark on a new venture – writing erotic romances.  Unfortunately she doesn’t have any experience in anything but vanilla (and even that was a very long time ago).  The erotic books her editor Ross leant her have her imagination in overdrive and him starring as the hero in every single fantasy. 

Over the past decade she’s locked herself away from the world with only her cat Duke for company – and of course the Thursday night pizza date with Ross.  Two months ago her beloved companion Duke passed away leaving her depressed, lonely and in a funk that she’s been unable to shake.  Ross suggested she make a major change in her life and offered his cabin in West Virginia as an escape.  That it’s January, the dead of winter and it’s snowing with no signs of letting up is a little disconcerting.  In New York when the doldrums set in she could head out to be around other human beings.  She’ll be staying in this cabin for months and being snowed in isn’t a thought she relishes.


Ross Philips has been Julia’s best friend and editor for the past decade and over the past several years discovered that his feelings for her go much deeper.  He’s afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle his strong sexual appetites so he’s kept his attraction to her a secret and dated a bevy of beauties, which Julia refers to as “The Miss America brigade.”  Since the death of Duke, she’s stopped writing and sunk into a depression which entices Ross to tempt her into making some major changes in her life and hopefully a big part of those changes will involve the two of them and tangled sheets.


Julia thinks she’ll be at the cabin all alone until Ross arrives bringing supplies and a few other odds and ends. While she’s certainly happy to see him the reason for his arrival isn’t at all clear.  She’s not really buying that he came out there concerned for her well being because of the snowstorm but what other possible reason could he have?  It’s not until he questions her about her ideals for her erotic book that things take a shocking turn.  Ross volunteers to help her with her erotic research and he’s fully prepared to introduce her to all sorts of wickedly exciting ideas.  Julia isn’t at all convinced that he’d truly want her – more than likely she’s just convenient – but Ross isn’t going to give up and being snowed in with him will allow them time to get to know each other much, much better.  What will happen when their time together at the cabin comes to an end though?


EROTIC RESEARCH is Mari Carr’s first published work and I must say she delivers a delightfully satisfying read.  I found it very easy to empathize with Julia and her self preservation by hiding away from the world.  Ross is a wonderfully caring man who has spent the past decade getting to know Julia and treasures their friendship – even while knowing that he desires much more from her.  Ms. Carr doesn’t skimp on any of the research ‘techniques’ and I must say Julia is a very willing subject. This is a delightful read that combines plenty of red hot sex, emotional angst, some soul searching and best of all a lasting love that develops from a genuine friendship.

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