Erotic Secrets of a French Maid
By Sarah W
Mar 5, 2007 - 6:10:00 PM

Cleaning houses for a living is not fun, but for Emma Mayson, it helps to pay some of the bills while she applies to architectural firms in the hunt for her dream job. Her newest client is wealthy businessman Russell Carrick. Russ is a total workaholic who has no life outside his business. After the recent loss of his beloved brother and fellow business partner, Russ seems to be running on empty. Emma’s entrance into his life provides just the zing he has been missing. Emma is gorgeous; she cleans and she cooks. In fact, she would make the perfect mistress.

When Emma’s roommate moves out, Emma needs help fast in the money department. However, an innocent conversation about being a kept woman is about to change Emma’s life forever.


Russ just wants her to cook some meals for him in an effort to help her financial situation. But Emma misconstrues the conversation and agrees to be his mistress. Russ is agog with disbelief and…arousal! Now what is he going to do? And how is Emma going to fulfill his request for something big on Friday to hold him over the weekend? Russ knows he needs to come clean with Emma, but the fantasy is too much for this love-starved man to give up. Can Emma and Russ somehow find a way to smooth over this rocky beginning to what could be a lasting relationship?


THE EROTIC SECRETS OF A FRENCH MAID poses a seductive twist on the contemporary romance genre. Is it okay for an independent and creative woman to be a mistress, if only for a short period of time? For Emma, there is a definite dilemma between what her brain is telling her to do and what her heart is telling her. Russ and Emma are normal people thrown into a very unexpected situation and they try to make the best of it as they can. The reader feels discombobulated much of the time, just as Emma and Russ do as they forge a new relationship. It may be based on sex and money to begin with, but you will see a subtle change as true emotions work their way into the characters’ hearts. This is a provocative and emotion-charged romance that will leave a satisfying impression long after the story ends.

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