Escape to Love
By Robin Taylor
Jul 20, 2003 - 11:23:00 PM

Angela Baring stayed late at work to finish up a paper for class. As a business major in college, Angela is just about to graduate. As she was in the elevator leaving for home, Angela remembered she forgot an important folder at her desk. She goes back up to her office, where she hears loud voices arguing. Angela stares in shock as a man takes a gun out of his pocket and shoots her boss dead. Still in a state of shock, Angela runs and manages to get away from the killer.

Detective Trent Stewart approaches his terrified witness. For the time being, Angela is not only a witness, but is a suspect also. Though Trent cannot explain why, he becomes very protective of Angela. From the very beginning, Trent broke protocol when it came to Angela and trying to solve the crime she witnessed. Trent put his career on the line to protect Angela. Why is this woman, a woman off-limits to him, someone he wants?

Angela’s strength and intelligence kept her alive, both when Trent was hiding her, and when she was in the witness protection program. Angela’s feelings for Trent were confusing for her, yet she remained strong. Trent went over and above-board for Angela. His desire to keep her safe, combined with his desires for her, made him a character to be enjoyed.

ESCAPE TO LOVE is rich with suspense, drama, passion and love. The story is riveting. Just when you think Angela is safe, you realize she is not, and that keeps you turning pages.


If you want to read a story filled with hope and love, pick up a copy of ESCAPE TO LOVE.

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