Eternity Springs, Book 4 - Lover's Leap

Author: Emily March

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Release Date: December 27, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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As a young teenager Sarah Reese found herself pregnant. She had been in love with her daughter’s father, Cam, but being the town’s bad boy, he was in juvie jail. When she told him about her pregnancy, he wanted nothing to do with it. Devastated, she had refused to disclose the name of her baby’s father to her parents. Instead she had raised her baby the best that she could, overcoming the town gossip. Now her father is dead and her mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Sarah has her own business and has just renovated her house so it includes her bakery. She can work from home and be close to help with her mother. Her daughter, Lori, is in college and studying to be a vet. Recently, Sarah told her daughter the truth about her father. Lori has been eager to make contact with him, but Sarah does not know where he is any longer, not having heard from him in years.

Sarah always dreamed of traveling to Australia. It was a dream she had shared with Cam. So she was thrilled when she won a trip for two to Australia through a contest sponsored by Angel’s Rest. That meant she could take Lori with her. However, on their last day there, they decided to visit the Great Reef, where they were shocked to see Cam. Hearing the young tour guide call him dad, Sarah and Lori realized that Cam must have met and impregnated another woman shortly after telling Sarah he did not want to be responsible for anyone. This also devastated Lori. Suddenly, they turned, ran back to the hotel and left for home. When Cam did not follow them, Sarah did not know whether to be happy or mad.

Cam Murphy now owns his own guide service in Australia. His son Dev works as a tour guide for his company. When he was first starting out in Australia, he had worked for another touring business. One of the women there used to bring her young boy to work with her and Cam had fallen in love with the small boy. So when the fatherless boy’s mother died of breast cancer, Cam adopted him. To Cam, Dev is his son in every way. Growing up, Cam had found his mother hemorrhaging in their bathroom and had been unable to summon help fast enough to save her. With his father being the town drunk and abusive, Cam had a rough childhood. Everyone in town referred to the bad Murphy blood, lumping Cam in with his father, even though he was not a drunk. That is, everyone but Sarah. He had fallen in love with Sarah. In the twenty years that he has been gone, he has never forgotten her. When he started making money, he had written a letter to Sarah and enclosed a check. After six such letters and not hearing from her, he had given up. Even though she never cashed the checks, he kept the account with the money open for her.

Seeing Sarah in Australia was a shock for Cam. He knew he had some things to do before he saw her again. But he wanted a relationship with his daughter and to try to overcome some of the mistakes he had made in his past. He was willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant returning to the town of Eternity Springs, where he grew up and where no one had been willing to give a young, abused boy a chance. His feelings for Sarah have never changed and that fact was brought home to him when they shared the heated look in Australia, just before she and Lori ran off. But can he convince the two most important women in his life to give him another chance?

A touching second chance romance, LOVER’S LEAP, the fourth book in talented author Emily March’s ETERNITY SPRINGS series, is a delightful, beautifully written contemporary romance. Ms. March pulls you right into her story right from the beginning with her exquisitely descriptive settings and true-to-life characters, which will lead you to believe that angels really do exist. Filled with a variety of emotions, which will have you laughing one moment and close to tears the next, a perfectly matched hero and heroine, the subject of Alzheimer’s, which was handled beautifully and realistically, as well as heated romance, humor and second chances, this is a story you will want to read time and again…a definite keeper. Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. But do yourself a favor and pick up the whole wonderful series. You will not be disappointed. I loved them all and cannot wait until the next one comes out. Do not miss it!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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