Ethan's Chase
By Dottie
Jul 1, 2008 - 6:19:21 PM

Chase Logan, owner of Bits and Bytes, Toronto’s most successful IT firm, has been harassed for the past year.  She is convinced it is due to Tony Saligene, one of her competitors, but she has no proof.  The  aggravation has gone so far that her name and address is posted on an extreme sex website, so she has been forced to move to ensure her safety.  With the problems she has going on she also needs to get the service provider contract with Phillips Advertising for her company.

Ethan Phillips owns Phillips Advertising with his two childhood friends Austin and Jesse.  In the past, a woman he loved hurt him, going so far as to commit identity theft and ruining his credit.  Going through this made him leery of women and ever getting involved again.  Now he needs to find a new service provider to service his computers.  His last service provider, Tony Saligene, proved to be inept and caused more problems than he solved, so Ethan had no choice but to let him go.


Chase has no idea that the handsome guy she just dumped hot coffee all over is Ethan Phillips – the same one with whom she has a meeting later regarding a service provider contract.  She is mortified when she finds out who he is.  However, as embarrassed as she is, she still does not understand why he treats her so coldly.  Then Tony approaches her at her office and warns her not to accept the contract, deepening her suspicions that he might be the one pestering her.  Nevertheless, her company needs the work.  Despite Ethan's callous treatment of Chase, his partners sense the attraction between them.  Therefore, they conspire to get them together and hire Chase as the new service provider.  Time after time Ethan misjudges Chase, causing her to keep her distance.  Suddenly, the harassment against Chase escalates!  Ethan, seeing her vulnerability, cannot deny his feelings for her.   Is it too late to let her know how he really feels?  Is Tony behind the torment and how can they prove it before it is too late?


ETHAN’S CHASE is an exciting, suspense-filled romance.  This modern day story will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you wonder what form the harassment will take next.  Ethan and Chase are well matched in this very steamy romance.  The reader can’t help but feel sympathy for Ethan in his attempts to get closer to Chase, who has to be strong to deal with all the harassment she goes through before this story ends.  I highly recommend ETHAN’S CHASE for those who love steamy, adventurous romances.


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