By Bella Marie
Sep 4, 2006 - 5:51:00 AM

Molly Flanders is completely out of her element. Running carefree through Paris away from her demanding "almost" fiancée had sounded like a good idea while she was still in the United States. Now, though, faced with an entire foreign nation and a new culture, she begins to feel overwhelmed.

Enter Luc Fournet to the rescue. He's the owner of the Maison Blanche hostel, where Molly will be staying. The moment she meets him, Molly begins to believe that what she really needs more than her independence is a fling. An "eurofling", to be exact. A wild romp with a sexy Frenchman will tell her whether she really wants to be shackled down and become Mrs. Alexander Preston. But Luc isn't in the habit of sleeping with his guests. Will Molly change his mind and  allow them both to give in to their deepest desires before it's too late for either of them?

Ms. Katz pens a lighthearted, sexy tale of lust and fear of commitment in this fun erotic novella. Molly's reluctance to get engaged is clear, and very understandable. Luc is also a well-developed character, and his passion for the city of Paris and his hostel are endearing. The last thing either of them expects is to find what they need in each other's arms. But as Ms. Katz expertly shows, the power of love isn't predictable, nor can it be denied when it happens. This is a sweet, sensual romance sure to please fans of contemporary erotic novellas, especially those with a passion for everything French.

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