Ever So Humble

Author: Fran Shaff

Publisher: Avalon Books

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Marisa Orlando loves the apartment complex that became her home after she was forced to sell her house to pay for her mother's medical expenses. The neighbors in the building are family, each with their own stories and challenges. Though modest and rundown, the building is affordable and Marisa is very happy living there. When she learns that the building has been sold to a high-powered developer who plans on converting the units into condominiums, she is devastated. She knows that she, as well as most of her neighbors, will be unable to afford to buy their homes and they will be forced to move elsewhere.

Lee Ramon has never felt pressure on the job like he feels now. His last venture cost him everything financially, and this is the first time he has had to take on investors to continue doing business. This is also the first time he has purchased an occupied building and turning residents out of their homes is very difficult for him, if not impossible. Yet he must stick to the original plan or be professionally ruined. Throw in the fact that he has fallen in love with one of the feisty tenants, and Lee sees no way out of his current situation.
EVER SO HUMBLE by Fran Shaff is a lovely tale of community triumphing over big business and people looking into their hearts to help each other survive. The developing love between Lee and Marisa is sweet and romantic. EVER SO HUMBLE is a satisfying read that is sure to make you look for other Fran Shaff books.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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