Every Jack Needs His Jill
By Nadine St. Denis
Sep 9, 2004 - 5:41:00 AM

To a casual observer it would appear that the Jones' are an average family with average siblings and parents. But on closer inspection, you see a family that just lost their father, a mother who has long-deceased, famous people over for tea and cards, an artist, jazz singers, a black sheep and a model. Oh, and also, Jileana, the stunning but spinster sister who still lives at home and runs a little 'junk' shop. She never thought in a million years she would see Jack again, but when he appears in Star for her father's funeral, those long buried sparks flare to life once again, only this time as adults, it's an inferno.


When Jack hears the truth about his past, he is stunned and happier than he thought possible. Now he can actively pursue, with the help and guidance from the colorful citizens of Star, the only woman he ever loved who has also been the only one he could never have.


EVERY JACK NEEDS HIS JILL by Mimi Riser is a wonderful, whimsical novel, which will have you laughing and seeing first hand what true Texas grit is all about. A guaranteed pleaser!

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