Every Road Leads Back To You
By Angel
Aug 7, 2007 - 2:58:52 PM

Clarke has wanted Jack since he walked into her restaurant, but Jack is unresponsive to her advances.   She doesn’t care that he’s ten years older than her; she’s out to get her man by any means necessary.   Clarke is about to pull out all of the stops and show Jack that he’s not dealing with a child, but a woman who wants him in the worst way possible.   One thing is certain; Clark is determined to get her man.   Will he give in to her antics or push her away?

Jack is a cop who has seen some tough things in his career.   He knows Clarke is trying to get his attention and boy does she have it.   Jack has resisted temptation for a long time, but his defenses are breaking down against Clarke’s sensual assault.   On the verge of making her fantasies come true, danger from his past makes an appearance.   Now Jack is hell bent on keeping Clarke safe from the enemy haunting him, but will she comply?


Clarke is strong willed and full of fire, her character is a rough and tumble woman who makes her own way.   Jack is a street-smart cop who has a major chip on his shoulder.   Age plays a minor part in this story and is a factor to the lead characters that they must move past.   EVERY ROAD LEADS BACK TO YOU has something for everyone and plenty of multifaceted characters to keep you turning the pages.   I thoroughly enjoyed Clarke’s ploys to get Jacks attention and his plight not to notice.   Kori Roberts has done a bang up job of inventing an interracial romance where the focus is on the hero and heroine.   I hope she will write more books like this in the future and can’t wait to read her next release.

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