Everyday Masks

Author: Sandy Lynn

Publisher: Triskelion Publishing

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Sandy Lynn has infused a lot of heat into EVERYDAY MASKS.

When Daphne Lane is hired as a co-worker, Alex Smith is instantly attracted to her. Daphne is incredibly beautiful with long black hair and a stunning figure. She flirts with all the male employees but is turned off by Alex's piercings, tattoos and bald head.

Emily Pierson has worked for the same company as Alex for a number of years. Emily has had a crush on Alex since first meeting him. Emily becomes a klutz whenever Alex is in the vicinity. Alex has never really noticed Emily except as the young lady with long hair who always seems to be dropping things.

Alex and his friends like to party and become involved in sexual games.

When given the task of organizing a Mardi Gras party, Emily requests Alex's help. They begin to spend a lot of time together and become very good friends.

Daphne is the type of female that will trade sexual favors for whatever she needs at the time - a job promotion or a male co-worker that will pick up the slack so she doesn't have to do her own work.

Emily thinks she is nondescript but beauty lies within and just needs the right person or the right circumstances to bring that beauty to the surface.

Hopefully, before it is too late, Alex will realize that the perfect person for him is right before his eyes.

EVERYDAY MASKS demonstrates how people wear masks when in public to present a charming personality; then when you know them better, the mask slips and they are not really the same person you thought they were.

I enjoyed reading EVERDAY MASKS very much. It was refreshing to read such a true expose of the back-stabbing personality of Daphne. Emily was a nice unassuming character that developed backbone when needed and a true friend to many. I was glad to see that Alex evolved from a carefree young man into a mature adult.

This is a keeper. I will be re-reading this again in the future. Ms. Lynn has written a superb book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ruth Chesick

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