Everyone Else's Girl
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2006 - 12:37:00 PM

After her father breaks his leg, Meredith McKay is recruited to help him heal. So, she packs up her life in Atlanta and makes the journey home to New Jersey, but only for a bit. Meredith has always been seen as the good girl in the family, and with her mother off gallivanting around Europe and Meredith's siblings leading their own lives in New Jersey, it's Meredith to the rescue once again.

But much to Meredith's surprise, she finds herself enjoying being at home. It's the first time in a long time that she's felt alive, that she's felt emotions, and that she's come out of the safety of her relationship in Atlanta. As her brother prepares for his wedding with Meredith's ex-best friend as the bride, as she takes care of her father's fish, and as she gets to know the sister she always dismissed in the past, Meredith starts to better understand the life she left behind. It's not always perfect, but at least she's enjoying herself. Added to the family drama is a spicy encounter with the boy next door all grown up. Meredith came back to New Jersey believing she knew everything there is to know about herself, but she soon comes to find out that the deepest truths are found when you're not even looking for them. Be sure to pick up EVERYONE ELSE'S GIRL so you can enjoy the humorous, sad, and oftentimes hard hitting emotional truths Meredith makes about herself.


Witty, poignant, nostalgic, and sometimes painful in its honesty, EVERYONE ELSE'S GIRL examines the deeper meanings involved in coming home again. Meredith seems like she has it all: a good job, the perfect relationship, and a comfortable life, but as author Megan Crane so deftly shows the reader, sometimes the perfect life is only a facade you're hiding behind. Ms. Crane's skilled prose, humorous and yet emotionally draining dialogue and plot all help the reader better understand just where Meredith is coming from, and even a bit of where she is going. The inclusion of Meredith's dysfunctional family, broken friendships, and school yard crushes are all events and themes any reader can relate to, which really ups the emotional pull of this story. This is a combination of lighthearted family and hometown antics mixed in with some serious personal truths. Meredith will win your heart with her soul searching and with the wit and vivacity that come to the fore of this novel as she rediscovers family, friendship, and love.

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