Everyone Worth Knowing
By Shayla
Jul 10, 2006 - 3:00:00 PM

Bette Robinson quits her banking job after getting fed up with her boss. After moping around for weeks, she is literally handed a job with a well known public relations firm. It's a dream job, or is it? Hanging out with the stars, the rich and famous, in the most posh clubs where Bette would normally not get into. When rich, well-known, Philip Weston sets his sights on Bette, the press has a field day. Bette's boss encourages her to continue seeing Philip, even though Bette knows something is amiss with Philip. A gossip columnist sets her sights on ruining Bette and all she's accomplished. Bette has to learn to be more discrete with what she does and with whom she is seen. A trip over seas to visit a club turns into a nightmare when the press gets a hold of a photograph of her coming out of a room that isn't hers.

Bette tries to avoid Philip but he seems to know everywhere she is, as does the gossip columnist. Her world is turned upside down when she falls in love with a bouncer who doesn't have time for a relationship. When she finds out whom the gossip columnist is Bette has to keep it a secret for fear of losing her job. But what happens when Bette gets fed up with her coworkers and her lack of privacy?


EVERYONE WORTH KNOWING is filled with star names and the happenings in Manhattan's hippest night clubs. Its the perfect summer read. I devoured each page with greed. Lauren Weisberger has another hit on her hands with EVERYONE WORTH KNOWING.

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