Everything's Coming Up Josey
By Sherri Myers
Aug 10, 2006 - 12:24:00 PM

Twenty-four-year-old Josey Berglund
’s college boyfriend, Milton, dumped her for her sister after she helped him get a job in Gull Lake, Minnesota, at her family’s restaurant/lodge.  Then she finds out her best friend/secret crush since elementary school, Chase, is engaged to a beautiful, buff woman named Elizabeth.  It seems as if everyone has found someone—except her.  When Josey hears a missionary talk at her church about the need for teachers in Russia, she wonders if that might be what God has in mind for her life.

After jumping headlong into the idea, Josey is soon on her way to Russia for a one-year assignment teaching English at Moscow Bible Church, and quickly begins to wonder if she’s made a huge mistake.  Russia isn’t anything like the adventure she thought it would be, and Josey longs for home.  She befriends an elderly neighbor, and then meets the woman’s handsome grandson, Vovka, whom she enjoys being with.  They begin dating, and Vovka lets Josey know he’s falling in love with her.  Josey really likes him too, so why can’t she seem to get Chase off her mind?


Written in first-person narrative style, EVERYTHING’S COMING UP JOSEY is a wonderfully interesting look at the life of a new missionary in a foreign country.  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, this spiritually-insightful book will have readers unwilling and unable to stop reading it.  Christy Award finalist Susan May Warren has taken her own story from her time as a young missionary in Russia and brought readers a realistic chick lit sure to please even the pickiest person.  When Josey finally realizes that God is in control and He actually knows what He’s doing, she begins to experience full awareness of God’s grace in her life.  This reviewer highly recommends this realistic inspirational as a novel that’s well worth the time spent reading it. 

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