Everything to Gain

Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford

Publisher: Avon Books

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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Mallory Keswick is fortunate.   She has everything she could ever want – a beautiful home, a devoted husband and an adorable set of twins.   She has been spending the past few months getting her Christmas shopping done, even making special personal gifts for her husband and the twins.   Suddenly, in a moment of nonsensical violence, tragedy strikes, and everything she loves is taken from her.   She is thrust to a point where she feels she has nothing left to lose.  How can she go on without her family?   What is left to live for?  How can she ever love again?   She was perfectly happy with her husband; he was her soul mate and the love of her life and added to that her beautiful, adorable twins, who were her joy.

Then, Richard comes into her life.   Although, he proclaims his love for her and wants her to marry him, she cannot overcome her loss. She is afraid to get that close to anyone again.  How can she take the chance of loving and possibly losing them again?   Could she even be able to survive it a second time?


If you read one book this year make it EVERYTHING TO GAIN.   Barbara Taylor Bradford has penned a true winner with this one.   The love that Mallory feels for her family comes through on every page as does the despair that she feels.   I found myself laughing at some of the family’s past antics together and smiling at their innocence one moment and crying at the tragedy the next.   This extraordinary author takes you from sublime joy to the depths of despair.   She shows how one woman copes with the most devastating event that can happen to a woman and how she can go on to love again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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