Ex, Why and Me
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 7:54:00 PM

Michelle Nelson goes home to help with a festival, she never thinks she is to be included in the publicity or that she will be partnered with the last man she wants to see.  She didn’t have the best sexual experience with Ryan years back and knows that now he has a reputation for being a woman pleaser.  Now that she’s back, should she give him the opportunity to prove it?


Ryan has a reputation with the ladies, but according to Michelle it’s probably overrated.  They had a disastrous interlude years back and ever since Michelle has thought that he has a little problem keeping his ardor up and going.  When she comes home for the Horseradish festival and he gets asked to be her partner he, intends to show her just how much he’s improved.


EX, WHY AND ME is a comedy as well as a romance that will have readers holding their sides with laughter.  Michelle and Ryan obviously need to work some things out, but something always gets in the way.  Ryan is a little leery of being Michelle’s partner, but warms up to the idea soon enough.  Michelle is just trying to be nice by helping out with the festival, but when she sees Ryan is her partner, it sends a two hundred volt down her spine.  This is more than just a chance to make up for what happened all those years ago, it’s an opportunity to get it right in every way.  Susanne Carr has a natural writing talent that shines in all of her books.  Readers will eagerly head to the store to pick up this comedic tale of love.

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