By Natasha Smith
Aug 1, 2007 - 10:25:52 AM



Devin has been talked into going to Club X with her friend. Secretly craving to experience all the popular dance club has to offer, she finds herself going up to the Loft where the ‘ring’ is housed. Pushing to the front, Devin is amazed and aroused at the sight before her eyes; two women and two men are in the ring and the women are receiving discipline. When one of the men turns around, Devin is entranced by his beauty and desire rages through her body. When their eyes meet and he smiles at her, she is lost. With a nod of his head and a flick of his fingers, the man silently motions for Devin to join him in his playground. Reluctant to move, Devin watches in abandon as he walks to her, introduces himself as Shaye, and asks her to enter the ring and play with him. Devin is self conscious and unable to do what he asks and while Shaye is noticeably disappointed, he gives Devin his card with orders to call him when she is ready to play. 


Wild Nights


Mike Nottingham, a dedicated veterinarian, is in Las Vegas attending a convention.  At the close of the business conference, Mike plans to balance his hard work with some play by staying in Vegas a few extra days. He is presented with a coveted invitation to Wild Nights, an exclusive sex club. Mike looks forward to his evening, most especially an introduction to Grace Wylde, the unattainable owner of the club, just to see if the rumors are true. If truth be told, she doesn’t form attachments to club patrons. But Mike is nothing if not stubborn. Sparks fly with one look between the two. Let the WILD NIGHTS begin.


Purple Magic


Jolene Morrison knows what she is risking by going to secret Manhattan sex clubs. Half vampire/half human, Jolene fully understands that she is placing herself in harm’s way. She has no choice – Carrie, her best friend and the closest person around even remotely resembling a family member, has gone missing. The police are indifferent and not particularly concerned, but Jolene knows that Carrie would not have simply run off. She finally is able to bribe a cabbie who gives Jolene the name of a man who can help her; Drago. Drago is a Slayer. He is also heavily undercover trying to get evidence on Alex, a rogue vampire. When Jolene Morrison shows up at his door, he has no choice but to help her. Her scent calls to him in the most primitive way weaving magic around him so that he can think of nothing but keeping her safe.


I loved this entire anthology! The quality of each story was outstanding and when combined, EXCLUSIVE is a must read.  


In Eden Bradley’s SANCTUARY, I found myself swept away by the imagery and sounds. Shaye, the ultimate dominant, is forceful yet tender. He captured my attention and held me as spellbound as he held Devin. Their explosive loves scenes are breathtaking and oh so naughty. SANCTUARY is exactly what a story of this genre should be - perfectly delicious.


In WILD NIGHTS I was treated to another look at Mike Nottingham who was first introduced in Wild, Wicked, and Wanton, also by Jaci Burton. Mike is thrown for a loop when he meets Grace. Grace is as shy of exclusive commitment as Mike has always been. Their complete infatuation with each other scares them to death. I sat back and smiled as I watched their love blossom and take over their lives so as nothing else mattered.


PURPLE MAGIC by Lisa Renee Jones is the only paranormal in the EXCLUSIVE anthology. I immediately fell for Drago, especially after seeing the way he felt for Jolene. Muscled and tough vampires in love just make my heart melt and Drago was no exception. Jolene’s plight to save her friend was the ultimate in unconditional friendship and very noteworthy. If I had to choose a favorite, PURPLE MAGIC would be my choice. The characters shine, the plot is original, and the love story steamy. Lisa Renee Jones is now an author I will automatically read every single time.


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