Exes and Ohs
By Billie Jo
May 1, 2005 - 9:00:00 AM

Child Psychologist Gwen Traynor is beautiful, bright and was dumped by her fiancĂ© the night before her wedding.   She has vowed never to have anything to do with men again.  Until one day, Alex, helps her up off the sidewalk and asks her to have coffee with him.  She finds him sexy and funny and not a bad choice for a rebound man.  She had not counted on falling in love with her Mr. Perfect.  One day while a precocious little boy is in session with her, his melodramatic mother tells Gwen that Alex is the father of her son.  Afraid of losing Alex to his convictions, she is torn on whether or not she should tell him about his son.  Will Gwen be able to convince Alex that they were meant to be together?  Or will she get back together with her ex-fiancĂ© when he comes back begging for a second chance?

Alex Coughlin is a handsome and wealthy financial consultant.  He is also a board trustee at the clinic where Gwen works.  One day while watching her throw her cell phone in the middle of a busy street, he knows he must find out what is bothering her.  While they are talking over a cup of coffee, he finds himself completely enchanted.  He loves her sassy sense of humor.  She is unlike any other woman he has ever dated.  Alex has very strong convictions that a child needs to be raised by both parents in the same household.  He wants Gwen to be the woman that will love him and be the mother of his children.  Until one day he learns he already has a son.  Will Alex walk away from Gwen to marry his son's flighty mother?  Or will he realize in time that Gwen is the only woman that will make him truly happy?


EXES AND OHS is a hilarious and sexy read.  Beth Kendrick does a wonderful job drawing in a reader from the very first page.  I ended up reading this enchanting story until all hours of the night.  I just could not put it down.   EXES AND OHS will leave you breathless.  I laughed uncontrollably at all the colorful characters and witty antics.  I ranted at Alex for his naive thinking.  I felt sorry for Gwen and all her bad luck with men.  Ms. Kendrick's secondary characters add a lot of spicy humor to this wonderfully funny story.   Everyone will be able to relate to this story in one way or another.  Ms. Kendrick gives new meaning to the old adage, "You don't know what you have, until it's gone."   I will be putting Ms. Kendrick on the top of my buy list.

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