Exit To Eden
By Kerensa Wilson
Mar 28, 2008 - 7:39:05 AM

Lisa expects nothing less than perfection. It’s one of the reasons why she is a trainer at The Club. Looking for her next trainee has always filled her with excitement but never before has she experienced anticipation like when she looked into Elliott’s file. Something about the handsome blond man catches her attention like no one has done in the past, and she knows she’ll have to have him.

Elliott has always pushed himself to his limits. As a photojournalist, he’s been sent to some of the most dangerous places on earth. What he needs though is something only The Club can give him. When his previous trainer decided he was ready Elliott signed a two year contract with The Club, ready to explore his darkest desires.


The Club is a getaway like no other. A well known sanctuary where anyone who is allowed in can have their deepest fantasy fulfilled. Lisa has been a part of it so long the outside world seems less real than her world within the club. With Elliott at her side Lisa will go as far as she can into The Club’s realm. The journey however, may teach Lisa as much about herself as it teaches her about her new trainee.


Anne Rampling takes her time building her characters in EXIT TO EDEN. Her writing has the same graceful style readers will have come to adore in her previous novels. As EXIT TO EDEN discusses BDSM style sex it may not be for all readers. However the heart felt emotions her characters experience in their journey together make this story a true delight.

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